Meet the Team

The Team:

Our engineers are a spritely bunch of lads specialising in all manners of plumbing and heating, all the boys pride themselves in their workmanship and we feel privileged to have such a great team. Gaslite is like a small family with a few crazies in between.

Gaslite Director

Shaun Smith – Director

Shaun has worked within the plumbing and heating industry for over 15 years, he is highly qualified and knows what he is talking about. He opened a successful plumbing and heating company with one of his good mates in 2009, at the end of 2012 Shaun decided to go it alone and open Gaslite, he hasn’t looked back since. Shaun is extremely proud of what he has built in the last few years and prides himself in his reputation on getting things done.

Project Manager

Warren Russell – Project Manager

Our newly appointed project manager has been working within the industry for the past 6 years he has proven himself within Gaslite and moved up the ranks swiftly.

Reactive Department

Ryan Vuijk – Head of the Reactive Department

Ryan is a great asset to the team driving the reactive department forward, he always endeavours to provide a great service and resolving those plumbing and heating emergencies as promptly as possible.

Operations Manager

Amber Russell – Operations Manager

The turning cog in the Gaslite office, she keeps all the boys in check and on their toes. She is a valuable asset to Gaslite team and has a hard work ethic and great customer relation, always ensuring the customer comes first.